Amazing Decorative Concrete Ideas For Your Homes In Del Mar

Amazing Decorative Concrete Ideas Del Mar

Decorative concrete is just what it sounds like: concrete which looks different than regular concrete, often with added colors or patterns. There are many decorative options for concrete besides traditional ones such as polished concrete. The problem with traditional polishing of floors is that it hides the natural beauty of the material, results in slippery surfaces when wet, and does nothing aesthetically except for making the floor shiny.

Stamping Or Embossing

One option for creating decorative patterns or raised designs on your floor is stamping or embossing . If you want a permanent pattern, then this may be your best option. Stamp and imprint tools come in many different sizes and patterns and will continue to provide an excellent surface for years to come.

Stamping and embossing are especially good if you want the same pattern throughout your whole house, all rooms, or even just hallway runners like these . These patterns are often more intricate and most companies will also be able to match the colors of your choice (or even models if they carry cars or something). Using dyed concrete is a great option for those who do not want to go with the usual black or grey concrete.

Use Textured Rollers

Another option is using textured rollers to create a one-of-a-kind floor design that cannot be replicated by hand. This kind of roller also has other benefits such as hiding wear patterns created by normal traffic over the years such as scratches. These options allow for more unique designs or maintenance free surfaces depending on preference.

Acid Etching    

Another option which can be used alone, combined, or in replacement of stamps is acid etching . Although creating a pattern through acid etching can take longer and require more skill and planning than stamping, it creates an equally beautiful end product. Acid etching does not stand out as much as other decorative techniques but instead creates subtle effects that show off your investment. In addition, some homeowners prefer this because it creates a very natural looking surface as opposed to stamped concrete.

Acid Staining

Finally, another option that is gaining popularity is acid staining . Acid staining is the process of using a mild acid solution to make a pattern or design on your floor which only shows when wet. As with other decorative techniques shown here, it can be used alone or in combination with other options for a more unique finish. This technique has recently been used as a way for homeowners and businesses to express creativity and individuality through designs such as sports logos, pets, favorite quotes, children’s drawings, etc. In addition to being low-maintenance and affordable , this surface will not wear down over time either.

Decorative concrete gives you many options from traditional polishing all the way to acid-etching and dyeing. It is a great investment in your home or business because, with proper care, it will last a lifetime.


This material is becoming popular with renovators who want to add value and individuality to their property while still gaining the many benefits that come from using concrete. For our concrete services, contact Concrete Contractor Del Mar at (858) 314-3534.